Jetpack, Enhancements and Bug Fixes

Due to running on WordPress, I wanted some of the same functionality as I have here on my blog, so I installed Jetpack to gain some features that I would have had to search through the codex for, but is it really worth it?

WordPress logoHere are the changes in the 1.9 update (big update from 1.8.3)

  • Enhancement: Notifications: Display Notifications in the toolbar and support reply/moderation of comment notifications.
  • Enhancement: Mobile Push Notifications: Added support for mobile push notifications of new comments for users that linked their accounts to accounts.
  • Enhancement: JSON API: Allows applications to send API requests via (see
  • Enhancement: Sync: Modules (that require the data) sync full Post/Comment to ensure consistent data on (eg Stats)
  • Enhancement: Sync: Improve syncing of site options to
  • Enhancement: Sync: Sync attachment parents to
  • Enhancement: Sync: Add signing of user ids for Jetpack Comments
  • Enhancement: Sync: Mark and obfuscate private posts.
  • Enhancement: Privacy: Default disable enhanced-distribution and json-api modules if site appears to be private.
  • Enhancement: Custom CSS: allow applying Custom CSS to mobile theme.
  • Enhancement: Sharing: On HTTPS pageloads, load as much of the sharing embeds as possible from HTTPS URLs.
  • Enhancement: Contact Form: Overhaul of the contact form code to fix incompatibilites with other plugins.
  • Bug Fix: Only allow users with manage_options permission to enable/disable modules
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: allow ‘/’ in media query units; e.g. (-o-min-device-pixel-ratio: 3/2)
  • Bug Fix: Custom CSS: leave comments alone in CSS when editing but minify on the frontend
  • Bug Fix: Sharing: Keep “more” pane open so Google+ Button isn’t obscured
  • Bug Fix: Carousel: Make sure the original size is used, even when it is exceedingly large.
  • Bug Fix: Exclude iPad from Twitter on iPhone mobile browsing
  • Bug Fix: Sync: On .org user role changes synchronize the change to .com
  • Bug Fix: Contact Form: Fix a bug where some web hosts would reject mail from the contact form due to email address spoofing.

Whilst that may be good for keeping things running smoothly, I don’t really use the things that have been tweaked. Although, I have recently taken advantage of using the Custom CSS feature to change a few things without messing with the themes files.

I suppose the extra features are there for those that wish to use them and I have at least half of the stuff activated, but a lot of them seem to depend on whether other users visit your site.