Facebook Comments and Likes

I posted a thing on Facebook to try to educate people about Comments and Likes, it went a little something like this…

If you remove the tick from someones ‘Comments and Likes’ (hovering over their name, move cursor over ‘Friends’, click ‘Settings’, then uncheck ‘Comments and Likes’), only YOU will no longer see what that friend Likes or comments on.

The only way to stop certain people from seeing what you don’t want them to see is by changing the options before you post an update or to someones wall. Click ‘Friends’ at the bottom of the update box and choose ‘Custom’, then you can choose who sees the update.

Facebook Custom Privacy

Unless YOU want to carry on seeing what your friends Like and comment on, I’d recommend NOT unchecking the ‘Comments and Likes’ in the settings…


As far as I know and am concerned, that is correct information. I don’t see how removing the visibility of whatever you select is going to affect others. If you post an update made visible to friends only, then no-one but friends will be able to see that update and any ‘Likes’ or ‘Comments’ made on it.