A Few of My Favourite Things

To keep this simple, I won’t waffle on about whatever or get side-tracked like I usually do, I figured I would pick the few favourite things and write about them, not too difficult as I’m using one of the right now…

World Wide WebWithout my laptop, I’d be lost. It’s my main portal to the World Wide Web and if I’m not connected to the internet, I feel lost. I wouldn’t have this blog, the Mental Gamers website, be on social networks or have saved so much money by buying things online.

OK, so I have a couple of smartphones (which is the next ‘favourite thing’), but I wouldn’t be able to do a fraction of what I do online with just a phone. What I prefer to do with my phone is access social network sites and play games, with a little bit of web browsing, mostly for when I’m elsewhere and need to look something up.

Family is the most important favourite thing in my life. I hadn’t had that much contact with my Dad’s side of the family for quite some years and it wasn’t until a couple of years ago that we finally found them on Facebook and so it was good to see them again. The problem was, as I’d planned to go and see my Grandad near the end of January 2011, he died on the 14th, so it wasn’t really the best of circumstances.

I know I’m not really accepted by some, but at least my kids know they have a Grandad and he comes to visit them often, which is what I wanted for them, to know that they have more family than they thought!

Author: MGAceman

I am a Video Games Blogger currently living in England, United Kingdom. My interests range from technology to video games. I am also interested in movies and streaming.

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