Extended Extended Editions, Do We Need Them?

You go to the cinema to see a movie, a few months later, it’s released on DVD (and now also blu ray), but you hold out for a while for some kind of Special Edition. Lo and behold, around six weeks later a special/collector’s edition is released and so you buy it… A little later, a new version is released…

This time it’s different, it has a little bit more in the way of features, but what’s this?! An extended version which adds 10 minutes that was left out of the cinema (theatrical) version? Now that’s worth getting since it has actual NEW content previously never seen, but it means you can still keep your collector’s edition, because you got other cool stuff with it.

Let’s move on a year and oh hello what do we have now? An extended special collector’s edition with a few more minutes of footage added as a special feature, but can be played into the movie as you’re watching (Die Hard had such a feature). Not only that,they’re charging a little bit more than when it was originally released, oh ok, maybe I can sell the other versions I have on eBay or something.


Now that I’ve upgraded most of my DVD collection to blu ray, I won’t need to buy any new ones for a.. wait, what’s this?


You. Have. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.


I have the Extended trilogy blu ray boxset from when it was released, why this? Why now? What can you possibly add that hasn’t been seen already? Does anyone who is paid royalties from purchasing any of these REALLY need the money that badly desperate? Have you not already scraped the absolute bottom of the barrel?

You’re including an Ultraviolet copy? Well, um,, thanks? I guess.

So, besides a copy which can be downloaded or streamed at any time thanks to the new inventions called ‘Ultraviolet’ and ‘cloud’ and extended documentaries/behind-the-scenes stuff that I’m guessing a lot of people MAY only watch once when they’re absolutely bored out of their brains, what exactly are you offering that hasn’t already been included in previous versions?

A new experience you say? We already said that we own the previous LotR EE’s on blu ray, that’s pretty much the top-level of ‘experience’ we’re gonna get. So basically, just more crap to try to scoop more money out of suckers pockets.

The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King was released in 2003, it won every Academy Award Oscar it was nominated for. The DVD was released (understandably) in 2004, the blu ray Theatrical version was released in 2010 with the EE being released in 2011, now we get this. Yet ANOTHER version that’s really not needed, besides money, why do they do this? It’s really not necessary and to be honest (or stupid, depending how you feel about it), there should be a law to stop this kind of thing happening.

It’s not fair on the consumer who wants the best version possible of movies they really enjoy, once you’ve gotten the ‘best’ there is, that should be enough. There is no need to release any other version, no matter how much they re-edit or remaster it, once it reaches an extended edition (which should only be released a third and final option after DVD and blu ray), that should be it, no more.

Disclaimer: The above is not based on personal experience, but from what you could experience if you went through the same process. I only own the basic DVD versions of the Lord of the Rings movies, so if I did buy these new 5-disc blu ray versions, it wouldn’t matter since I’d be replacing the DVDs. I do have sympathy for those who buy what is supposed to be the ultimate version, only for yet another one to be released xx months later, that’s what this post is all about!

Oh, and the extra ‘Extended’ in the title is intentional.

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