Entering A New Domain … Host

So, Burstfire, who I hosted my domain with for the last 7 years had out-priced themselves last time I renewed, so I figured I would transfer MentalGamers.com to Vidahost who also host the website. It’s free to transfer and you just pay for the year as if you were just renewing.

Русский: схема доменного имениI emailed Burstfire asking for the EEP/Authorisation code, so that I could transfer my domain, they sent it without any hassle, but then asked what they would have to do to keep my custom. I didn’t reply, but they must have figured that the average price at the moment for a .com domain is £7.49 ($11.70USD approx) +VAT (20%) and offered a price of £7.20 ($11.30USD approx), just 29p (45¢) cheaper. If they had offered it at £7 ($10.99USD approx), then I would have certainly made an agreement and continued to host my domain with them, it’s a price Burstfire have charged me in the past, which is why I couldn’t understand the almost £2 ($3.10USD approx) hike for the last couple of years.

I actually don’t really understand why the price of .com domains is more than others, isn’t it the most popular domain? If so, making it cheaper would attract more customers to register their own .com and potentially more than one? Even .net domains are slightly cheaper than .com, but I guess that’s just the way the internet works and besides, if I’d have bought the domain in the first place, I would have chosen .co.uk since it’s a lot cheaper, but Mental Gamers is quite established now, so it’s too late.