Pinterest on iOS and Android

Pinterest finally became available to all and with it, an Android app was released and the iOS app got an update, so, what’s the difference between the iOS and Android versions of the Pinterest app? There’s no punchline, what I’ve done is taken screen caps of each version, so that you can compare the visuals.

From the start, there’s a clear and obvious difference with the opening screen…

Android Pinterest 01 iOS Pinterest 01

The phones used are a Samsung Galaxy S (left images) and an iPhone 4 (right images) and as you can see, the Sign up/Log in screens have a varied way in which the buttons are placed. Also, the Android version does away with the space between the words Sign up and Log in, a minor thing, but due to the design of the phones, that’s not the only difference.

Android Pinterest 02 iOS Pinterest 02

It seems iPhone users like pressing big buttons, which is why you’re requested to press one to login with your email address, but not with the Android app, it assumes you have a separate (standalone) account. If you’re logged into a Twitter account (especially on the iPhone) and your Pinterest is connected to it, you can login that way.

Android Pinterest 06 iOS Pinterest 03

The layout of the board is basically the same, but because the iPhone doesn’t have external buttons like the Menu, Home and Back buttons, (well, the iPhone does have a home button, but you know what I mean), all the features are at the bottom of the screen, constantly on view.

Android Pinterest 03 iOS Pinterest 04

The Android app makes it easier to Repin by adding the options at the bottom of the image, there appears to be no such options in the iPhone app until you scroll down, no overlays, a more simple design.

Android Pinterest 05 iOS Pinterest 06

The profile page for the Android version requires you to press on the Mental Gamers (or whatever your name is) to access the Boards, Pins, Likes and About (not available on the iPhone). You get to see all of your profile picture in the Android app compared to just the top third on the iPhone.

Android Pinterest 04 iOS Pinterest 05

Finally, the Search and Category lists are quite a big difference in appearance, the iPhone is literally a list, but the Android design features blocks with the icon and text big enough to easily squidge your thumb on.

This isn’t about which app is better, they both work as well as they should, it’s just to show you the differences between them visually although, the Android app does allow you to invite friends from more sources than on the iPhone. When you press the Menu button on your Android phone and then Invite Friends, a box pops up with various options from the obvious Facebook and Twitter to even apps like WordPress (I’ll even create such a post via my Galaxy S after posting this), Tumblr and email.