Commiting Twittercide


You may have noticed a bit of buzz on the internet about Twitter tightening the reigns on its API which could be bad for developers … or could it? It all depends on how you interpret what Twitter is saying in the changes, in one way it could be a good thing, but to others, it’s not going to be very pleasant.

twitter-bird-light-bgsSo, what is an API? It’s the Application Programming Interface which allows websites, plugins, desktop clients and mobile apps to connect to Twitter and is usually done via OAuth, which has been standard practice for all Twitter clients for the last 2 years. What Twitter want to do is update the way the API works by limiting the amount of times client accesses the server and in a way, that could be a good thing.

Have you ever said something and received a @Mention from an automated account, because you used a keyword it responds to? The Twitter API 1.1 will (read: could) eliminate that or at least, reduce it to a minimum, so that real users won’t get spammed with pointless tweets like just a link.

Twitter is reducing the calls per hour from 350 to 60, for those of you that use TweetDeck, try going into the settings and look at Twitter Updates, unless you’re allowing TweetDeck to manage the API limit, change the API call to 60 and do you really need to see the last 200 tweets? Do you really need real-time streaming? There’s a good chance that you don’t, so the change won’t really affect you, especially if you’re not a heavy user and have just one account, but what about people with multiple accounts?

I have two, my main one (@MGaceman) and one for Mental Gamers and manage fine with low API calls, so I don’t foresee any problems in the future as a consumer, it does appear that developers will have to work closer with Twitter to abide by the new rules of the API 1.1, but it may not seem all that bad, only time will tell.

Author: MGAceman

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