Anime Pr0n Takes Over Subway

It happens every now and then, a big corporation gets attacked in some way, sometimes harmful, other times, like this, relatively harmless. The attacks vary in strength and intensity, but what Subway’s Facebook page suffered may not be classed as an attack, as such, but a harmless bout of spam that tarnishes the image of the company.

If you haven’t already heard, various ‘people’ (I use the term loosely, judging from the names and there are some pages) have created something that was actually used in a television advertisement or at least, something similar. Do you remember this Diesel advert?

Well, a similar thing has happened to Subway, but this time the images are taken from Anime porn or Hentai where the penis is replaced with a Sub. Of course, the images have been removed now, but here is what it looked like earlier:


Some saw it as just harmless fun, but obviously, Subway would rather not have its image tarnished in such a way and so has therefore, removed the option for fans of the page to post anything (via Recent Posts by Others) or tag them in any more offensive images.

Author: MGAceman

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