What is That Icon, aceman?

I’ve changed the theme (again) to something nice and simple. It displays featured images how I want them to appear and the text is easy on the eye. The background took a bit of consideration, not to have a gradient, that was a no-brainer, but which colour to choose.

The header image is a different matter, do I go with a full banner which fills the whole thing or something simpler, then, after trying out the Motion theme and finding out that the only header image you could upload was a 50x50px square … icon, I thought I’d use that as the header image for this theme (Fresh & Clean).

What I didn’t realise is that it would only take up the top left corner of the header, but after a while, I was ok with that, because it gave me an idea on how I’d design a full header image. The problem now is, how to create MGaceman Online in which font and colours. I have an idea of how I might go about it, but I’ve never really had personal colours, if you know what I mean.

I don’t consider myself a brand, so how do I choose? My main favourite colours are red, blue and purple (strange coincidence) which is why I went with a red background and as you can see, I prefer darker shades, which may not work too well when designing the text. I found it fairly easy when deciding which colours I wanted to use for Mental Gamers, although, I mostly used steel (light silver) and blue, with red as the links (hex #370000), but a recent change saw me add red to the main banner.

Lab TagANYWAY… The icon.
What is it? Where did it come from? That’s what I’m getting to!

Chrome Web Lab. What? Yes, lovers of Google and Chrome can take part in five experiments, one of which can gain you a little bit of fame and possible recognition by taking a photograph of yourself (using a webcam) and robots in the London Science Museum will sketch the image in sand. Visitors can watch as your silhouette is etched out for all to see.

The icon is unique to you. When you sign in at the Chrome Web Lab website using a GMail address, you’re given a uniquely generated Lab Tag (the icon). So there you go, check it out for yourself, but you will need to use the Chrome browser to get the proper experience!