Michelle Jenneke, Need I Say More?

It seems that with the Olympics just around the corner, Australian athlete Michelle Jenneke, who unfortunately didn’t qualify has gone viral due to her cute and sexy warm-up routine before she races.

The Australian hurdler has become quite the internet sensation over the last 48 hours or so as the 19-year-old performs what appears to be a little dance to limber up before a race, what makes it so much more tantalizing is quite obvious.

Day 7 Athletics (21 Aug 2010)

Not a lot is known about her at the moment since she’s a relatively newcomer to the international athletics scene and the rest of the internet are just making up statistics like;

  1. She’s hot
  2. She jumps over hurdles
  3. She has a great smile

And so on, but from her performance in the video, she could be one to look out for in the future!

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