[How To] Make a Bacon Sandwich, the aceman Way

Whilst this isn’t meant to be that much of a serious post, it’s a guide on how to cook bacon sandwiches with cheese and BBQ sauce.

Very simple, yet oh so sweet and something I’d like everyone that reads this to try. As long as you have basic cooking skills and common sense, you should have no problem recreating what you see.

Bacon Sarnie 01
What you will need (besides bread)

Since this is how to make a sandwich, the choice of bread is entirely up to you. My preference is the kind with little bits of wholewheat in, but for this, just normal, sliced white bread was used. Oh, and the quantity depends on whether the bacon is the kind that shrinks when cooked, so you  may need more.

Bacon Sarnie 02
The bread, buttered.

Put the bacon into the pan that has just a little of the Vitalite (or other low fat thing you use to fry with) ad start cooking on a low to mid heat. Spread your bread with as much as you require, I like it nice and thinly spread, not really a fan of too much marge/butter.

Bacon Sarnie 03
Not too much sauce, you’ll overpower it.

On 2 of the slices (half of the sandwiches if you’re making 4 rounds), squeeze around 10ml (2 tsp) of BBQ sauce onto the already buttered bread and spread it all over. The bread, not yourself… sicko :p

Bacon Sarnie 04
Peww, who cut the cheese?!

Get your favourite cheese, but be sure it’s one that melts like Cheddar, Edam isn’t very good at melting, so probably best to avoid using that unless it’s grated. Using grated cheese can be messy, so it’s better to slice it, slice as much as you think you need to cover the bacon.

Bacon Sarnie 05
Should be getting nice and brown!

You should have been turning the bacon over around every minute or so by now, so that it’s browning nicely on both sides. Once it’s as brown as you like it on one side, flip it over (it’s a good idea to use a spatula rather than tongs if you can, easier to lift out of the pan later) and then place the cheese on top of the bacon.

Bacon Sarnie 06

It should only take a minute or so for the cheese to melt, when it has, the other side of the bacon should be cooked to how you like it (or as done my way, cooked in total for around 4 minutes each side with the last minute for melting the cheese). Use the spatula to lift the bacon out of the pan and place onto the (BBQ’d) bread, cut in half, then eat!

Bacon Sarnie 07
Et voilá! Bacon sarnie á la aceman!

One of the simplest and tastiest snacks which although may not seem like it, is quite low in fat, even more so if you grill instead of fry. Remember, using low fat spread and cheese tastes just as good, you can even trim the fat off the bacon before cooking, too.