First Let’s Play Effort

I’ve been thinking about doing Let’s Play videos for quite some time, years in fact, so it was only recently that I finally found a program good enough for my needs.

This is really the only comfortable way to pla...Those needs being:

  1. Being able to record the game and sound
  2. Able to capture my voice from the correct source
  3. Using a codec that keeps the file size to a minimum

That was when I discovered Bandicam, forget those stupid Fraps Vs Bandicam’ videos on YouTube, you can’t really see any difference besides Fraps being slightly higher quality due to recording at about 1GB per minute.

Anyway, I’d like to present my first ever Let’s Play video which is of the classic original Fallout, enjoy, think of the ‘commentary’ a bit like MST3K…

I don’t normally use DailyMotion, it’s been about 16 months since my last upload there, but since YouTube has EMI Music claiming copyright over the opening theme tune, Maybe, I figured I’d upload it there and hopefully not suffer any stupid copyright claims.