Thank You For the Follows

I had an email saying that someone had followed me, but I didn’t really pay attention to what since I’m on so many things that people can follow (Twitter, Google+), then when I log into to check on my blogs and create a post on one of them, I see that there are two notifications.

One of the notifications is some kind of achievement…


I thought, what? Since when did have achievements? Don’t get me wrong, I’m getting back into blogging and this blog in particular is about whatever I need to get off my chest as well as anything else I feel I want to say, but to be notified of just one new follower and then see that I’ve actually gained 10 is a bit of a surprise.

Anyway, thanks for the follow and hopefully I’ll find out more about these achievements…

Author: MGAceman

I am a Video Games Blogger currently living in England, United Kingdom. My interests range from technology to video games. I am also interested in movies and streaming.

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