Why Amateur Mirror Shots Fail

There are loads of models on Twitter that like to post teaser photos, but the mirror shot needs to be phased out. To be honest, it’s not really that much of a turn on anyway, is it? I’d rather see a photo that someone has taken of themself with a proper camera using the timer, not in front of a mirror with their phone.

Ok, so you’ll need to have some way of uploading it to the internet to show on Twitter, netbooks don’t cost a lot and usually have an SD card slot for you to transfer pictures, it would save us from this…

Mirror shot

As you can see, the photo fails because the model is also trying to promote her Twitter account in a bid to gain followers, but instead, the text is backwards, requiring you to figure out what it says (I also cleaned it up a bit by removing noise and sharpening it slightly). If taken with a decent enough phone, it can be edited with some basic tools that usually include flip which means that they could turn the image the right way round.

Mirror shot, mirrored

It makes all the difference and shows you’ve actually taken some time on the photo, rather than snap and upload ASAP! It doesn’t cost much to get a basic compact camera, a 2GB SD Card and a little tripod which allows for a wide variety of shots from different angles, a setup could cost around £30 (you can get simple little tripods out of Poundland (£1)). Surely you girls can strike that pose within 10 seconds?! 😉

Anyway, if you want to follow ThepeachyPA as featured in the images above, here is her Twitter link.