When Great, Free Programs Go Rogue

I used to use a program called SUPER ©, the reason I say used to is because, when I had to (it forces you to upgrade) update to the latest version, it also installed things considered malware or adware and I suppose it’s partly my fault for not reading the EULA (if the information was in there).

This official web site provides the latest updated version of SUPER © guaranteed 100% clean of any malicious code.

The actual program itself may not contain anything malicious, but the .exe installer does. I was just sitting there, browsing the internet when a pop-up appeared on the monitor for something called iminent which appeared to be one of those spammy smilie download websites. That was when I instantly uninstalled SUPER ©.

I just went to open Notepad and noticed a folder in the start menu list simply called C, deleted that straight away after uninstalling something inside called iNTERNET Turbo. I don’t know or care what it is, I just know I don’t want it.


SUPER © at all costs to stay free of unwanted rubbish on your computer.