Project 033/365: Book ’em, Danno

There was a section in the North of Skyrim that I had yet to traipse around and discover locations in, there were a few marked places from quests and overheard conversations, but there was one place I needed to get to for the sake of getting at least one mission out-of-the-way.


Volskygge just kept staring at me every time I looked at the map in that general area and I couldn’t think why I had to go there, so I figured that, since I have a good follower and a horse, I’ll go see what it is I have to do. I sort of got a bit lost while in there and started going through somewhere that was completely different to where I originally started.


I got to the end which resulted in having to kill a Draugr Death Overlord or something, got his ebony sword and searched in a nearby chest to find a book which was needed to complete a quest from the Mage’s College. Upon leaving the place through what I can only describe as the back door, the ominous music started playing, a quick look around saw that there was one of those walls with scripture on that give you a Shout. After doing that, some … thing came out of nowhere and fought like a nub, got killed and mask taken (not the one I’m wearing in the featured picture) and that was that.