Project 029/365: Riders On the Storm

More adventuring took place in the land of dragons and speaking of which, I defeated my first Blood Dragon! We first encountered it when on a quest to recover something from some bandit leader, the chest in which we had to loot for the item was out on a ledge being guarded by the boss, so once he was defeated, I searched the chest for what we came for and upon closing, the dragon appeared.

As usual, Sven (my companion) started to attack it, but since all we had to do was go back into the cave to escape, I could just let it fly away until another time… or so I thought. I would go into the cave, but Sven decided to stay out there, which meant it took a few attempts for him to follow me and let it go.

invisible horse

Then while having fast-travelled somewhere, a dragon was nearby and appeared to be swooping down to somewhere, which we found to be bandits who helped a little with knocking off some of its energy.

I still don’t understand why my character is a Wood Elf and not a Dark Elf though, I’m sure I created it as a Dark Elf… Also, I wondered why my horse, Frost had disappeared from under me when fast-travelling to the Mages College, then realised it was the angle the view was at. For some reason, the horse isn’t seen if you’re close to a wall and view from a certain angle, to be honest, the whole handling of camera viewing with horses is pretty bad in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, worse than in Oblivion.

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