Project 028/365: Imma Fall Out Wit You

I absolutely love(d) Fallout 3, I managed to get an awesome deal on the collector’s edition (Xbox 360) when it hadn’t long been released. The game on its own was still £29.99 to buy (even online), so to pop into a Gamestation store and buy the collector’s edition for under £23 was great and I played it for tens of hours.

I also bought the downloadable content, although, I bought four on disk and Mothership Zeta on the Xbox Live Marketplace, I love the game so much, I even bought the PC GOTY (Game of the Year) version of Fallout 3, so that I could play it all over again and, without realising, obtain all the achievements again since it uses Games for Windows Live (GFWL).

I did the same with Fallout New Vegas, I bought the Xbox 360 version, but only have about two of the downloadable content at the moment due to there not being the same kind of sales as on Steam. I already have EVERYTHING to do with Fallout New Vegas on PC, but there’s just one thing holding me back from playing and loving it as much as Fallout 3, the Dead Money DLC.

I’ve found it quite difficult to a stage where I’m not enjoying it any more and it’s just getting frustrating. I’ll get back to it one day to try and finish it, but I’m in no hurry, I just hope I get it done and never have to endure something as unpleasant as that again.