Project 027/365: Can I Have a Word

I’m usually quite good with words, I’m a very good reader, my main problem is knowing so many words and yet having the knowledge to put words together in such an elegant manner that you become besotted of emotions, somewhat eludes me. What upsets me a little though, is when word games like Quarrel use what I call, “Stupid words” that your average person wouldn’t think of.

With the ability to use up to eight characters to guess the full anagram, when you get bullplop words like ‘Frogeyes’, you know that the game isn’t quite playing by the rules. It spoils the fun of it when the AI come up with words you’ve never heard of or seem too stupid to be real and the thing is, some of them shouldn’t be used without proper punctuation like a hyphen, if the word should be hyphenated, then it shouldn’t be used.

I admit, I lost a game, but I’m not a sore loser, I just know when I’ve been done…