Project 026/365: On a Steal Horse I Ride

The headline is a derivative from quite a well known song, but the reason for that is due to kind of obtaining a horse which, although I stole it for someone and the deeds for it, I still don’t own it… if that makes sense. I finally made my way to Riften where I soon found out that everyone there are suckers, so easily persuaded, even the guards…

Before I go on, for the first time in the game (I think you have to get the Explorer achievement) I heard not one, but two guards say, “I used to be an adventurer like you, but I took an arrow in the knee”, so for that, I award myself:

Just Achieve It! XBOX 360 Achievement Generator

If I’d known that Riften was so easy, I would have gone there sooner to level up more, but I sort of went the other way and truddled around the opposite side of Skyrim first. Never mind though, I did a task which involved taking out some mercenaries who turned out to be one hit wonders, one hit and they were dead and took their steel plate armour for me and Sven (my companion for now), to steal deeds for a horse and to return that horse to someone who you can then persuade to let you keep or you’ll tell someone on them.

Despite having the deeds to the horse though, I still don’t technically own it, but can ride it any time… pretty much like any of the other horses at Riften and this is a town which has the Thieves Guild? I’m surprised anyone bothers to live there, but if they’re so gullible… oh yeah, and I need to figure out why someone keeps following me around (not my companion, a Khajiit).