Project 024/365: I Did My Time

I managed to get The Gauldur Amulet fragments and reforge it, which was a quest I’d put on the back burner for a while, forgotten about and left until there was a point where I felt that I might as well get it done and out-of-the-way, it’s such an easy quest, I don’t know why I didn’t do it sooner.

My way of doing it made things a hell of a lot easier than I’d anticipated, you don’t have to read the next bit, but it helps if you haven’t done the Forbidden Legend quests and made it to Reachwater Rock to forge the amulet fragments back together.

I fought the first  ‘Keeper’ and found it a little difficult to beat him, but once some Draugr have been defeated, I backed up into one of their … caskets(?) and started using my bow and arrow, which was more effective than originally thought and defeated the other two Keepers without much of  problem.

Once that was over, looted the place as much as I could and exited, then made my way to Delphine who was waiting for me in Riverwood, did the quest yada yada and eventually got to learn the last part of…


That didn’t help me much when I worked my way over to Markarth where, upon arrival, I witnessed a murder which eventually put me in some kind of jail where we (after an unnecessary sequence of events) escape. I’m not exactly sure if it’s safe to go back there or who is running the city now, but I have some unfinished business to attend to…