Project 023/365: A Mission Backlog

One of the reasons I try not to play too many web-based games is that they just get more ridiculous as you go along. The amount of input time required is beyond what I am willing to dedicate, a quick ten minutes or so to get stuff done is plenty, I don’t want to spend too much time on these games when I could be playing proper games like Skyrim on a proper gaming system.

That said, the way that Sony and Microsoft are going, gaming on the PlayStation or Xbox is sliding down the list of things they want you to do on the console, in fact, there were rumours of the next Xbox being either Cloud-driven (like OnLive) or disk-free, meaning you would have to download the games.

Zombie Lane New Missions

Anyway, I digress, to try and progress with any sanity through Zombie Lane, I’m taking on the missions one-by-one when I can be bothered…