Project 019/365: He Posts a Blog on the Internet

He sees a game on Xbox Live that everybody is talking about. He ignores it, because it doesn’t seem very interesting to him. Months go by and he continues to ignore the game that has started winning awards from various outlets on the internet. A Christmas sale approaches on the digital distribution service, Steam of which the game is featured as a daily deal.

This intrigues our adventurer and as he had only tried the demo on Xbox 360 once, he decides to see if his laptop is capable of running the PC version. His main reason for concern is that a 512 MB graphics card is mention in the system requirements and his laptop has 256 MB. He takes the gamble and downloads the demo to see if the game will run at a decent level of playability.


Upon successful and smooth performance of the demo, our adventurer decided to purchase the game since it was on special offer of which would never be seen on the Xbox 360. Pray tell, I hear you say, what was this game that had perked his interest briefly and yet, took so long to succumb to its attractive qualities?

That, my friends, is Bastion.