Project 016/365: What a Load of Balls

I don’t play many mobile games, even though I have quite a few installed on my Samsung Galaxy S, it’s only occassionally that I feel like playing something as I mostly use the phone for Facebook, Twitter and a few other apps. The first game I actually bought and paid for was Game Dev Story, but as part of a promotion over the new year, I managed to pick up some others for a bargain!

MG TeamPocket League Story is a game that, as far as I know unless things have changed by now, is only available in Japan and UK, but that could also extend to Europe (Germany, France, Italy, etc) and as you may have guessed, it’s all about managing a football (or ‘Soccer’ to other people) team and making it the best in the world.

These kind of games are great since they’re made specifically for the smartphone market and as you can imagine, the bigger the screen you have, the better the game will look and be more enjoyable. Mobiles such as the iPhone are ideal due to the size of their screen, but not only that, better processing power and memory help in games like this run smoother.

So, if you’re looking for some of the best mobile games available, take a look at what Kairosoft have for offer on the Android Market and iTunes App Store and be prepared to spend your well-earned cash on some great games!