Project 015/365: I Wanna Get Virtual

I’m always on the look out for free games and most of the time, they’re just casual games that help pass the time away and that’s fine, so I discovered a game from a company called G5 that were giving away a game just for the sake of signing up to the newsletter. They actually have other free games available, at the moment I think they’re promoting a game for the iPad if you sign up.

Virtual City was the game I received after going through a process of having to register on some site I most likely will never visit again, but it was for the sake of activating the game and I used an email address that is just for random one-time only stuff, so it didn’t really matter.

Virtual City

It’s not too bad, not quite what I expected though as it’s not about building up cities like some kind of Sim City type of thing, it’s mostly about transport, which is kind of misleading and should be called something like Transport City instead.

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