Project 014/365: To Boldly Go…

More adventuring ahoy where I mostly added furniture to my house in Whiterun and did a few tasks, one was a bounty at a place that wasn’t in a location before and I think that’s what was meant as Skyrim having potentially infinite missions. I’d have to agree though, I have a load of Miscellaneous tasks as well as Main tasks to be getting on with and I’ve only reached level 13 (almost 14… or did I level up again, I think I did).

Project 365 14/365

While walking to a new town, I came across a fort which, as usual, was occupied by bandits of which were a bit of a pain to defeat since Sven (my companion) seems to have become a bit of a wuss and getting knocked down quite easily, leaving me to take them all on myself. So, not hanging around that fort due to not needing to, I continued on my way up to Dawnstar when I noticed a dragon landing and then blasting fire at something which looked as if it might possibly have been another dragon, so I ran back to the fort for it/them to go away.

After a while, it went quiet and so I made my way up the path to reach Dawnstar without any conflict, but to see yet another argument between a few people that was spoilt by some idiot guard that kept talking over them.

After a quick wander around there and picking up a task from Captain Wayfinder, I moved on to discover Ragnvald to start the mission where you have to find the power of Ragnvald and, as the featured image shows, I have entered, ready to take on the mission next time…

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