Project 013/365: Stand in Ore, But That Glitch is Mine

Sorry, more Skyrim again, but this time it’s a bit funnier than usual. I’d decided to work on the locating of the Shrine of Peryite which I was informed of by an afflicted person and told to find a Khajiit called Kesh the Clean, as usual, the location wasn’t that easy to get to from where I had to fast travel to.


First, I discovered a small mining town (if you can call it a town, not even a village, it contains a few buildings and 2 mines) called Karthwasten where, upon arrival, there appeared to be some kind of discussion going on between the (few) locals and some kind of soldier and some mercenaries. Anyway, did some business there and even managed to mine some silver which will come in handy for some weapon smithing.

floating sword

After sorting out Karthwasten and finding the shrine and Kesh, I moved on to do some adventuring. I thought I heard one of the locals mention they had told the Forsworn not lay off of me for helping them (the town) out, but when I encountered a few of them further down the road, they attacked, so I guess she didn’t say them.

After disposing of said enemy, I walked a little further on to see something floating in mid-air, upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a sword from one of the Imperial Soldiers that the Forsworn were fighting with when I saw them as I walked down the path.

The adventure continues…