Project 012/365: The Accumulator

Went back into Skyrim to get some more done and most of the session was discovering new places so that it would be easier to fast travel to them if I ever needed to visit an area by certain locations. The main task I was doing was  to obtain Red Eagle’s Sword, the hard part was actually finding where I had to go since there was no marker to follow at first and was wandering aimlessly.

Once the quest was finished (I won’t go into details in case of spoilers), I took the sword which had changed due to defeating Red Eagle, mainly for collection sake as it’s enchanted, but there’s also a possibility that I’ll use at some point later. I try to collect as many things as possible, no matter how meagre the power or enchantment of the object may be.

I am about to venture forth into the land of Skyrim in an effort to make further progress while attempting to avoid as many dragons as possible, I’d rather face them when I’m a higher level, but I am only a mere level 12 (or did I level up to 13 last night…?) and not quite as powerful as I’d like to be.

That said, one task I plan to do is mine some ore and especially some that will help enhance my armour, the main problem is that most of my armour at the moment is Dwarven and finding dwemer scrap to turn into dwarven metal ingots to improve it is quite difficult (no, I haven’t found THAT location yet 😉 ), so I’m just looking to find a bit of steel for my body armour.