Project 011/365: In a Happy Place

Just to get the web games I play out of the way, the other one I play on Google+ is Happy Kingdom and although it might sound kiddie, it’s actually quite enjoyable since there aren’t really any restrictions. You start of with a brief tutorial and then within about 10 minutes, you’re up to level 5 and have built up quite a little kingdom and into the import/export business making plenty of Gold.

It’s just a nice little break from everything to play these simple type of games that don’t stress you out because of having 20 missions going at once, although, there are small tasks and epic tasks. Small tasks are usually just doing menial things like plant a tree and grow something where Epic tasks tend to be, as you would expect, on a bigger scale such as building bigger things to expand the kingdom.

Don’t worry, those few of you that come here to read my little daily gaming quest, it’s early days just yet and there are bigger and better games to be played, you’ll see…

Author: MGAceman

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  1. That looks like a game I’d enjoy, I’m going to check it out 🙂 Thanks for posting this

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