Project 010/365: I’ve Got Water on My Brain

It was Steam sale time and there was a game I’d seen not too long before that I’d seen in a previous sale, but didn’t buy because I thought it would be a lower price in another one. When it appeared in the next sale, I figured it wasn’t going to be any cheaper, so Hospital Tycoon was in my cart and ready to be paid for after I’d browsed a bit more.

Hospital Tycoon

It doesn’t have a particularly high metascore and that doesn’t bother me, if there’s something I like the look of and it appeals to me, I’ll get it and as they’re so cheap, it’s not like I’m wasting a lot of money either. I’ve been a fan of Codemasters since the (mid-late) 1980’s and own quite a few of their games, so that was one of the factors for me getting Hospital Tycoon.

It’s just a simple task of putting the hospital together by building rooms, buying equipment, hiring staff and curing patients. Quite handy if you want to pass an hour or two away when there’s nothing else to occupy your mind, not to be taken seriously and I think that was the problem when it was reviewed, people were probably expecting a little too much from what is just a nice and simple game.