Project 008/365: I’ve Got Blisters On Me Fingers

You’d think that being a Sunday, I would have played a lot more, but no… All I played today that I can blog about before the day is over (at midnight) is Guitar Hero III:  Legends of Rock although, the image I’m using for reference was taken yesterday when playing Guitar Hero II and getting a personal best high score.

There was something just so interesting about this new phenomenon in music/rhythm gaming that had me very intrigued, but I left it for a while until I saw a great offer on a Guitar Hero II bundle for the PS2 and so had to buy it. That’s the thing with games like this, you can go back and play them again and again, it’s not like you just go through them once and put them to one side or trade them in, there is masses of replayability.

I have pretty much all of them except band specific ones other than GH Aerosmith which came with the custom guitar, but all the ones after GHIII are on the Xbox 360. I’m a fan of The Beatles and Metallica, but I wouldn’t get their versions (yes, I know it’s Rock Band Beatles, still relevant :p ), and this may seem silly, because of achievements. It’s silly because there’s no way I can get most of the achievements on them anyway and in cases like that, I usually get the PS3 version as I don’t think of Tropies as important as achievements ((Gamerscore) I did a featured post on, but I didn’t have a PS3 until Xmas 2010…