Project 005/365: Na na na na na na na, Batmaaaan!

I started Batman: Arkham Asylum earlier as I’d bought it in a Steam sale and thought I’d give it a go, I’d only played the demo previously and had actually planned to get it on the Xbox 360, but after checking the required specifications, it seemed that my laptop would be capable… it is, just.

Taxi for The Joker

The intro is very nice, as Batman drives the Batmobile™ through Gotham City and up to Arkham Asylum with Joker in tha back, the graphics are amazing and the thing is, the details don’t degrade (unless you have to lower the settings) as it transists from FMV to gameplay.

Once you enter Arkham Asylum, you control Batman as he and the guards escort The Joker into the building, I was just taking in all the environment and character animations which has come a long way since the polygonized era of the SEGA Saturn and PlayStation. Everything was so solid, you feel like you’re a part of that world in a way that it’s so immersive, I just couldn’t wait to get into the action.

The Joker

Once you get to a certain level, this big chunk of meat gets out of another elevator and tells you (Batman) that you’re gonna get beaten up and stuff and you just know he’s the end of level boss, despite the fact he’s like, twenty feet tall and has 50 teeth that look like they would rip apart the most vicious piranha and not the other way around.


I’m yet to get to grips with it as I have literally just started (the screenshots are really from when I played, not found elsewhere on the internet), I’ve just knocked out the initial batch of baddies and will be making my way into the Asylum properly next time…

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