Project 004/365: It’s a Kind of Magic

I really plan on playing something different tomorrow so that there isn’t yet another Skyrim post like this one. Todays session is consisting mostly of doing magic type quests as I have (admittedly, inadvertently) joined the magicians college in Winterhold, I wasn’t exactly planning on doing so, but since I wanted to discover more locations, it just sort of… happened.

I’ve even spent some Gold on little things, like some dragon claw which will allow me to access some kind of secret stash somewhere, but the woman who sold it to me is too scared to go herself and then I had to buy a firebolt spell in order to gain access to the college, so yeah, I’ve actually been spending a little this time, compared to Oblivion.

In most games like this, I try to spend as little money as possible as it can be quite difficult to come by in large doses, so being frugal is what it’s all about. I probably wouldn’t have been able to buy my first home at such an early stage if I didn’t scrimp and save until I reached the 5000 Gold needed.

As mentioned though, todays Skyrim session is all about magic and doing tasks, fighting off whatever is in the way and just general following and obeying. As I’m still playing and it’s still actually Jan 4th, I’ll leave it short and sweet and get back to playing, join me again tomorrow, but for something different…