Project 003/365: Skyrim Achievements

I’m making steady progress with Skyrim and already have eight achievements out of fifty, but what I want to do is get as far into the game as possible before an expansion or add-on is released. That said, it took about 4 years for me to buy the Shivering Isles expansion for Oblivion, but that was mostly because it was (and at the moment, still is) ALWAYS 2400 Microsoft Points since it was released, so I waited until a sale and got it for 1200, which I think was still too much.

Skyrim AchievementsI should really get back to Oblivion at some point since I only have like, five achievements left to get, but I’ll carry on with Skyrim for some time longer since it’s new and I’m really enjoying it at the moment. The one thing that bothers me a little is the travelling you have to do just for the sake of a side-quest, in some cases, from one end of Skyrim to the other which just seems like a case of ‘oh right, you just want some sucker to go all that way and back for you’ and yeah, you’re that sucker.

I took on quite an arduous task by going into a cavern to retrieve King Olaf’s Verse, being a lowly level 8 at the time made it that bit harder since the last area had a LOAD of Draugr to fight against, so many that my Housecarl was killed. That was something I didn’t expect, I figured that being an official bodyguard/companion, they would just go unconscious and awake later, but no, this isn’t Fallout 3/New Vegas and companions can die. … Oh ok, I won’t delete what I’ve just said, but it seems it was my fault and I may have accidentally killed Lydia (my Housecarl) when we went in hacking away at the Draugr 😦 [Source]

I was in luck though, Sven from Riverwood was actually my first follower and as he’d returned due to me taking on Lydia, I went back to have him join me again. So there you have it, the latest update in which I’m about a fifth through the achievements and have already lost a companion, such is the life in gaming, but the adventure goes on…