Project 001/365: Dragonborn

I hadn’t played much of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim until last night/this morning, so I settled into a good session of about seven hours and made some progress, the first part was finishing off the Bleak Falls Temple quest by getting the golden claw and so on. Once that was done, it was time to have a wander around to meet the locals of Whiterun since which was a place I needed to return to a few times and figured I’d see if any of the locals needed any jobs doing.

The good thing about The Elder Scrolls is that people just stand around talking to other residents and sometimes you’ll overhear them saying that they have a problem or that they have lost something, it’s these little missions that help you get some adventuring done and as well as discovering more places, you can find more loot, better weapons and armour while levelling up.

I also encountered my second dragon, but this was outside of any quest or mission and rather than being the standard fire-breather, this was an ice dragon which happened to be in the vicinity when I fast-travelled. Luckily (or maybe not since the dragon did start to fly away), I had my companion Lydia with me to help out by shooting arrows at it and keeping it distracted enough for me to Shout (which I don’t think really does any damage) and get a few arrows in there myself.

Started out as Level 2 and made it up to 7 in that session, the funny thing is, I’m not really a fan of stealth games, yet whenever I’m creeping through ruins or underground caverns, I always sneak. Anyway, I’ll be playing some more very soon and snap a pic for this post (it’s on the Xbox 360), but as I’m a bit late to the party starting Skyrim, these first few days will be just that.

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