Stop with the Facebook Status Paranoia Already

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If there’s one thing that annoys me most about social networks, it’s the people who don’t understand them and especially Facebook where you get countless sheep copying and pasting text because they don’t really understand what it means. Viral statuses are the worst affliction to be set upon you, you know they’re moronic and just there to cause unnecessary panic, but you don’t want to say anything because they’re your friends.

When they see something that they consider important and a potential threat to all humanity, they repost the inane drivel in order to think it actually works, when all it does is have you miss out on certain updates. No, “hackers” can’t compromise your account just because any “Comments and Likes” are publicly visible, in fact, YOU change YOUR privacy settings so that YOUR profile is NOT publicly visible and you have nothing to worry about.

I think it’s rather cheeky and disgraceful that ‘friends’ expect you to go through such procedures just to satisfy their paranoia and to be quite frank, no, I’m not changing anything. No just to be a rebel or that I don’t want to be told what to do, I don’t want to feed your ignorance. If more people would take five minutes to do a brief search on the internet and educate themselves more about social media, statuses like this would be a thing of the past:

With the new ‘FB timeline’ on its way this week for EVERYONE…please do both of us a favour: hover over my name above, in a few seconds you’ll see a box that says “Subscribed.” Hover over that, then go to “Comments and Likes” and unclick it. That will stop my posts and yours to me from showing up on the side bar for everyone to see, but MOST IMPORTANTLY it LIMITS HACKERS from invading our profiles. If you re-post this I will do the same for you. You’ll know I’ve acknowledged you because if you tell me that you’ve done it I’ll ‘like’ it.

No longer would we have to suffer misinformed nonsense passed on from who knows?! You start to wonder just who your friends and family know that keep posting all these irritating statements, and where do they get it from? It’s like, a kind of lesson on how to troll a social network. Befriend anyone and everyone that are ‘friend whores’ and therefore, very gullible and post something that to the average, uninformed person looks fairly serious and before you know it, it’s took over 2% of Facebook statuses in a couple of days.

Let’s just take a little time to break that status down, there is no sidebar on the new Facebook Timeline, all activity appears in a ‘Recent Activity’ box of which, if you have set your Privacy settings accordingly, can only be viewed by whoever you have set your preferences to see. HACKERS have the ability to compromise accounts, regardless of what is visible, again, opening your profile to the public opens you up to all sorts of abuse, not the fault of anyone else allowing activity to be visible. Then there’s the ironic ending where the ‘friend’ will acknowledge your compliance with their request by LIKING your action, but oh wait, if you’ve turned off that friends ‘Likes’ updates, you won’t see it.

ProTip: If you don’t want the world to see your stuff, here is a list of things you could do:

  1. Make your Facebook profile only visible to friends.
  2. Close/delete your profile.
  3. Leave the internet.

You know what the even more ironic thing about all this is? The majority of people who post these statuses access Facebook on their mobile at least 90% of the time and sometimes (possibly) on unsecured Wi-Fi hotspots.