[HOW TO] Embed Tweets with Twitter

Did you know you can embed tweets into blog posts? What if your site isn’t a blog, but you want to embed a tweet and don’t use a WordPress installation which means you can’t use the Blackbird plugin?!

Twitter now allows you to embed any tweet (unsure about tweets from protected accounts, but I’m guessing you can’t) using html code that you simply copy and paste into your post/article to be shown in a unique style. You also have the ability to tweak the tweet to how you want it, so just how do you embed a tweet direct from Twitter?

Start by selecting the tweet you want to embed, in this case, it will be one from the official Glasgow Rangers Twitter account that contains a typo of ‘Rangers’ (later blamed on cold fingers).


Hover over the top right corner to find Open, then click.


Once the tweet is open, you will see the Details option.


Clicking on Details opens up the tweet on its own, just like the old Twitter, but this time there is an option to Embed this Tweet.


The obvious next stage is to click Embed this Tweet to bring up the box containing the options for putting the tweet onto your blog/website.


The code may not work on blogs such as this which is hosted on WordPress.com, that is why you would choose either the Shortcode or just the Link.


Just the URL:

HTML code:

Apparently, they all work, so you can choose whichever option you require to embed a tweet in your WordPress.com blog post, self hosted WordPress.org installations may need plugins or to be on the safe side, just use the HTML option. It may be better to Publish the post while in HTML mode though, even though it appears to show correctly, it could be because of the Tweets URL in the code. Javascript HTML doesn’t work in WP.com hosted blogs, so it just uses the blockquote code.