Magazine Design Fail

Kid B likes her comics and specifically, The Simpsons which is released every two weeks, so we bought her the latest one which appears to require you to mutilate the cover in order to access one of the send ‘free gifts’…

Front coverIt starts off well as you can see by the image (which can be clicked on to see a bigger version), standard looking cover with the usual details of what’s inside, in fact, the cover seems a little bigger than usual, but that’s ok, it’s clearly a Halloween special.

She’s been collecting them for quite a while, when we were on our way back from holiday and stopped off at the usual motorway service station for a quick break for anyone needing to smoke and/or have a potty visit, I popped into the WH Smiths there and noticed a pack of three magazines for £4.99 consisting of two Simpsons and a Futurama magazine.

Anyway, those were an addition to her already growing collection and so, why was the cover of this latest magazine a bit bigger than normal? Was it because the comic was also bigger due to it being a special edition..?


Oh, the actual magazine is still normal size inside, so why the big cover?


Right, so, you’re expected to mutilate the back cover of the magazine to claim the ‘Marge Attacks trading cards’, I see. The only problem with that, there aren’t any more of those trading cards and cutting them out will leave you with a big hole in the back of your magazine.

Not exactly the best of magazine designs…

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