How Not To #FollowFriday

I might as well start using my blog again as it’s been some months since I could be bothered and so I think I’ll use it as an outlet to moan and whinge about stuff, the first of which is about something that will be featured quite a lot on here, Twitter.

While there are people who would have you tweet how they expect you to by preaching advice that only works for social media wannabe’s that will retweet anything they think is remotely worthy as adding to their increasing list of links vaguely resembling whatever buzzword catched their eye.

One such person that attempts to abide by certain social rules, yet gets it oh so wrong.!/judyrey/statuses/117303261748396032

What? I suppose it’s because she just follows back everyone and rarely converses, but that’s no reason for such a lame #FollowFriday tweet and she does the same EVERY week. If you’re not going to use Twitter in a way that’s suitable for your social status, don’t bother.

Also, people who retweet #FF’s, please get them to stop. That really is spam since they usually retweet multiple times and I have actively unfollowed those people, mainly because that is all they would do. No actual tweets throughout the week, just a plethora of retweeted #FF’s and sometimes, not even on a Friday, sometimes Saturday or even Sunday.

I’m not telling anyone how to do anything, feel free to #FollowFriday/#FF how you like, just as long as you actually type and tweet the #FF yourself and not just retweet the hell out of your poor followers.