Sucker Punch and Doughnuts

Had quite a nice afternoon in Birmingham when going to the cinema to watch Sucker Punch and as I said on the UK Facebook page, forget what crappy critics say because if you really took that much notice of the shite they spout, you would miss out on some great stuff.


Due to it being Wednesday and still having an Orange SIM, I was able to take the wife and we got in for the price of one for Orange Wednesday. That’s not saying we don’t think movies aren’t worth paying full price to see, they must be subsidised somehow, I dunno how it works, but it’s better for us due to travel expenses too.

After the movie, we walked around a little and went for a Starbucks before heading onto Selfridges to the Krispy Kreme in there and see what they had on offer. That’s when I noticed that they were doing the classic dozen doughnuts for £9.45 and thought I’d get a box as a treat, that and the fact I hadn’t had a Krispy Kreme doughnut before.


The kids have already had one, well, we all have, but they’ll be having the other two of their choice tomorrow. I was so surprised at how light and fluffy they are inside, but I thought the glaze was quite sweet and that’s probably why it’s not so good to have too many, good thing I chose not to get the 12 standard doughnuts for about £5 extra…