Where Was Crysis 2?

Friday, April 1st was supposed to see some kind of promo event in Birmingham for Crysis 2, but when I got there and had a good look around, it was nowhere to be seen.


There appeared to be a Motorstorm Apocalypse display instead which consisted of a big monster truck and a couple of systems to play it on, one normal, the other in 3D.

Guy playing

I must admit, it does look rather good and may warrant a purchase in the near future, the 3D aspect doesn’t interest me due to not having or wanting a 3D Ready TV until they become ridiculously cheap, like, less than £400 at least.

Promo display

It wasn’t bad and is actually more my kind of game, but I was kinda hoping to see what was going to be shown.

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  1. rebelliousrock · April 15, 2011


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