Orders To Delivery

Royal mail bicycle messenger in Ilminster, UK
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So, The Sims Medieval didn’t arrive like I thought it would and in the email, I noticed this:

Please note: As Special Deliveries are �next working day� deliveries, orders despatched on a Friday will not enter the Parcelforce or Royal Mail networks until Monday and therefore will not be delivered until Tuesday at the earliest.

What? How lame is that? I understand the special delivery part, I rather like that, why do the dumb parcel people have to wait until a certain day before they’ll deliver it?

Also, what’s with so many things using weird symbols and whatnot that aren’t viewable in normal browsers like Firefox? On Twitter, for example, it seems iPhail users are putting some kind of weird thing at the end of messages that must only be viewable by other iPhail users, it/they appear(s) as a dot in TweetDeck. Then there’s � which appears as a question mark in a black diamond to me and seems to be increasing it’s numbers around the internet somehow.

Anyway, yet another day to wait until I can get my hands on what is a bit of a first for me, a Collector’s Edition of a newly released game (I ordered it on day of release).