The Game Collection, How Not To Handle DVDs

I was pretty excited to see that I could get three Limited Edition Simpsons DVD sets for £20, so I ordered them as soon as I saw the info that someone had tweeted, then I figured that it wouldn’t take long for them to get here since they like to boast next day delivery.

They? The Game Collection who, as the name of the website suggests, deal mainly in videogames, but like so many other sites, also sell DVDs of which I had seen the bargain offer. They say they will deliver pretty much the next day, like other sites do if you order before a certain time, but instead, came a day later than anticipated. No biggie, it was still within an acceptable time and so that’s not really the issue here.


The condition of the sets are quite poor, it’s as if they’ve found an old batch of them in the warehouse and decided to sell them off quickly to make some room.


The Marge Head set looked as though someone had just carelessly grabbed it out of a box, squeezing it a bit too tight and causing the case to be dented by the force, also, the plastic sleeve was split on each side, possibly from having something heavy on it?


The Maggie head was in decent condition, just with a bad case of a very split sleeve (yeah, I know I put ‘torn’ in the image, had a bit of a brainfart when doing the images :p ) that had a fairly sharp point which, if not careful, could cut skin and possibly deep enough to draw blood.


The Bart Head came without a sleeve, the mysterious thing about this set is the apparent ‘damp spots’ on the back, only upon opening the set do I discover they’re caused by the glue used to stick the info card onto the back of the case. The only slight damage to this one was a little bit had broken off one of the spikes of hair.

The condition of the actual DVD disks is perfect, it’s just the outside that has has a slightly more than ‘cosmetic’ amount of damage, so it begs the question of whether they’re either old stock or pre-owned. The condition of the sleeve and cases suggest pre-owned, but the disks are mint, I just hope that the Lisa Head set I ordered from ASDA comes in better condition…

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  1. We’re sorry to hear your order wasnt received in perfect condition. It sounds as though it was damaged in transit as these dvd’s are new and shouldn’t be dented etc. If you haven’t already done so please contact our customer services team who will be happy to arrange a replacement for you.

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