The Colour of Magic
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I’m so backed up with my reading again. I have about six ZOO magazines to catch up on as well as a load of what you may call ‘celeb gossip’ type magazines that my mum brings every week or so, such as Heat, Closer and what are generally considered ‘womens’ mags, but what guys also tend to read (no, not just gay ones).

I should also carry on reading the first Discworld book, The Colour of Magic of which I’m halfway through, then I have a couple of other books… I think I’m going to spend most of this weekend catching up on my magazines first, there’s a small pile of Web User mags that need reading. The problem is, I also like to get some gaming in, watch TV and movies and there just aren’t enough hours in the day to get everything done, especially when I have Mental Gamers to add stuff to every day and that’s why I fall behind on that too, I’m still a day behind.

I do a lot of reading online, Twitter, press releases and news, but it’s personal reading that I need to find time for and I think I’m gonna dedicate at least an hour a day to a book and as much as is needed to magazines in order to get back up to speed. I also need to work on my consistency and get things done when they should be done, not when I lose motivation and leave it till another time…