Geeking Out

The Sims 3 Collector's Edition box
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I’ve been a Sims geek for many years and I enjoy playing The Sims 3 of which I have all the expansions and even the Stuff packs, although, I only have the Stuff packs thanks to special offers or deals on the EA Store. I managed to get the High End Loft Stuff (A.K.A. High Tech Stuff) and Fast Lane Stuff on a great offer which worked out at £3.49 each and got Outdoor Living Stuff literally an hour after release (in Europe) for half price thanks to a 50% off code from @EAStore on Twitter.

My latest tendancies have been fulfilled by receiving the Samsung Galaxy S which is quite the upgrade from the Galaxy Europa due to the way bigger screen and apps actually fitting on the screen properly, I’m yet to play an HD game on it, but videos look rather good. If you’ve previously owned an Android phone, I don’t think you’d be that surprised at any extra or new features, the main features of the phone are the 4″ screen, HD video recording and 5mp camera… oh, and the 1GHz processor which pretty much puts it on par with the iPhone 4.

Anyway, that’s the post for today, I could probably mention a lot of other things, but I have some Sims to play 😉