Last Minute Post, Again

Samsung Galaxy S

I keep saying I need to post earlier rather than last thing at night and especially in the last half hour of the day.

Not a lot to blog about except I’m really hoping that the Samsung Galaxy S I won in a competition comes tomorrow, Gameloft_UK @mention’d to me on Twitter that it should be here, “early next week” and because I consider ‘early’ to be Monday or Tuesday, since it didn’t arrive today (Monday), let’s hope it comes tomorrow (Tuesday).

There are places I want to go, things I need to do and having to wait in (as it will possibly need signing for), and if it does arrive tomorrow, I’m not sure if I still have the enthusiasm to do unboxing pics or a video, pics are a good possibility, but a vid…? I’ll have to see how excited I still am if it arrives, become quite complacent after waiting what is now three weeks.