The Sims 3 Main Glitch

Broken elevators. The opportunity to order a drink at The Prosper Room, but I can’t get in there due to people just standing around outside the elevator as they can’t get up there to work.

I think some other stuff could be affecting the game too, when visiting Egypt, people, including my Sim got stuck in a tent and having to resetsim to get them out, then when I got home, the floor pattern of one of the rooms wasn’t right, not sure why.

Could it be something I have installed? I don’t have any custom content, only free stuff I was entitled to from the Exchange, so I don’t think that could be causing a problem. One of the things I’ve come to like is inventions and more recently, the Time Machine…


2 thoughts on “The Sims 3 Main Glitch

  1. its not anything you have done, its a common glitch with the prosper room elevator, the only way i have found to correct it is to go into edit town and click on thr prosper room to build/buy on it, do the moveobject cheat (moveobject on/off) and move the ground floor elevator into the black space behind where its supposed to be places and replace it with a new one 🙂 hope it helps x

  2. Out of all the results after a Google search, that answer is the best one!

    I just wish we didn’t have to use cheats to fix things :/

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