Unknown, Book > Movie

Apparently, I made “the rookie mistake” of reading the book before seeing the film, but I’m glad I did because the movie doesn’t work.


The Book: Based in France, cab driver is closer to Martin Harris’ age with black hair, situations better explained.

The Movie: Based in Berlin (Germany), cab driver is a young blonde who becomes a waitress after the accident, too much empty nothing where more story could have been told.

The book (also known as Out of My Head) tells a better story and you can relate more to the people and places, the movie changed things too much to an extent that rather than it be based on the book, it could have been a prequel or sequel. Quite a few things happen in the movie that has nothing to do with the book and I’m sorry, but the movie failed.

If you’ve already seen the movie, check out the book and see just how much better it is and why they should have stuck to it more than change it to something that’s really quite different.

Author: MGAceman

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