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Why? Why why? Why do people applaud after they have watched a movie at the cinema? Even to the extent that they will stand up and cheer, why?

Ok, so you may give a big laugh and a small clap for a great joke or funny line, but seriously, applauding at the end of the movie seems pretty dumb to me. I could understand it if it was a Premieré where the cast and main crew are in the cinema with you and they can actually hear and appreciate your appreciation of their work, there doesn’t seem any point if it’s in some random picture house in a small town about 3 weeks after release.

I appreciate a good film, definitely, but you won’t see me stand up and applaud like a seal clapping for a fish at the end of it. If I’m with someone, we’ll have a little chat about what we thought and if I’ve been on my own, I’ll wait till I get home and tell the family what it was like.

Here’s a question: If you’ve just watched the latest blockbuster and a few people start clapping, would you join in?

Some people would probably feel guilty and obliged to join in or collapse to peer pressure, I would just look at them and think what idiots they are. This post was created due to a friend tweeting, “We are slowly turning into yanks. Took the kids to see tangled earlier and there was round of applause at the end. #fuckwits #goodfilmthough” and I asked why (the applause), it’s not a British thing to do.

We’re not as reserved or ‘stiff-upper-lipped’ as you might think, but we’re not that rednecked that we would whoop and holler in a cinema after watching a movie and especially an animated kids one.

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