I Hate Twitter

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Not me, personally, I think it’s great. What I don’t understand is why some people have so much hatred towards it.

A brief IRC chat went thus:

[23:53:08] [@aceman] http://twitter.com/#!/whitehouse/status/40514519352475648
[23:53:47] [@ShirleyCrabtree] Honestly…Twitter is shitter
[23:54:05] [@aceman] than?
[23:55:18] [@ShirleyCrabtree] I hate twitter with passion
[23:55:21] [@ShirleyCrabtree] its just fucking rubbish
[23:56:42] [@aceman] I don’t understand how people have hatred towards it

That’s just one example of many that I’ve seen that “hate” Twitter, not just dislike or have no interest in, but down right hate it. The reason for me posting the link was because of the misspelling of Libya and to be honest, I’m beginning to think people on IRC are more likely to be nerds rather than geeks. I’m not sure if it’s some kind of ‘say shit to look cool’ kind of thing or they’ve had some kind of bad experience with social networks, it baffles me as to why someone could hate something and so angrily too.

I think the new MySpace is shit, but then, people who know of the way MySpace was and how well it worked before will understand why I think that and I’ve seen others say the same (well, I’ve seen one other say it’s “shit” and guess what… they said it on twitter, lol). I don’t hate it though, I think hate is such a strong word and emotion and reserve it for things I feel totally and utterly deserve to be labelled as such.

Can anyone hate something to such an extent and give a valid reason, one that actually makes sense and not just a personal vendetta?